USC Warriors College

USC Warriors build team, build character

University of San Carlos (USC), home of the Warriors since 1946.

The USC basketball team started participating in competitions way back in 1946-1947, winning the  first inter-collegiate tournament of the Cebu Collegiate Athletic Association, CESAFI’s precursor. During this time, USC was still known as Colegio de San Carlos, later adopting the team name Warriors in 1955.

According to head coach Rodulfo Jose “Bong” Abad Jr., the name is apt for their team, a team that’s “palaban (a person who has the fight in him),” balancing the school’s academic requirements and class schedules. Coach Abad says the system is their strength, and the Warriors just play the game one at a time.

Preparation is also very important to the team—without preparation, the capability and strength of the team will be of no use, he says. USC’s athletic team emphasizes discipline, character, and attitude, he added.

Cebu basketball legend Julian A. Macoy, who played for the USC Warriors in 1957 and 1958, had said: “Just go for it, just try your best. If your best is not good enough, so be it.” His words ring true for this season’s Warriors. As the champion of CESAFI 2015 and third-placer in the last year’s season, the USC Warriors basketball team has set their eyes on the top prize this season.–Janice Caparas, CESAFI Media Bureau